israel Sial..

Posted: 02/06/2010 in israel sial
israel Sial, amerika pun Sial + mana2 yg menyokongnya pun kira Sial.
Memang Sial…
  1. Dee says:

    yelah sis..mmg patut dimaki dorang2 tu..

  2. rasp says:

    grrrrrrrr speechless!!!

  3. ninaneno says:

    tak ske dieorang!!entah apape. perasan bagus. choyy!!!

  4. ~ Lady ell ~ says:

    dulu patut hitler bunuh je yahudi semua tu…zalim yg amat!!!

  5. while many arab countries have very good relations with israel,there is no reason that pakistan should not recognise as an independent state…

  6. The peace with Jordan is a by-product of the Oslo "peace process". But the relations are not friendly, actually the relations between Egypt and Israel closely resemble the Cold War.

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