~ what more can you ask for ~

Posted: 27/02/2009 in israel sial

Friday, February 27, 2009

meeting the israelis proud son of a bitch..

what the…?

is this what you called change..
  1. ♥«m!stAkêñ^!dêÑt!tÿ»♥ says:

    huhuuu…we juz hav 2 wait n see….mcm2 da dunia skrg ni…adehh~

  2. eya says:

    sm je semua..

  3. Dee says:

    kalo dh americans tu..sapa2 je jd presiden dia mmg gitulah..

  4. ~ cpm ~ says:

    cessss…kalu dah kapiaq tu kapiaq jugak….nak buat camne….huh…*emo lak aq*

  5. mrs bob says:

    diorg ni mmg kapiaq yang patut di telan bumi!!

  6. rasp says:

    bllluuueewwweeeekkks! mencik!

  7. Glass cook ware says:

    strange! but the pictures are good…….

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